how to go viral on youtube

Using video as a social media marketing tool on Youtube

How to go viral on Youtube?

Video as a social media marketing tool using Youtube

YouTube is great, and for those that aren’t camera shy, it can be great as a social media marketing tool also.

It gives us the opportunity to stream countless video-logs, political satire, cat videos, reviews and epic fails.

But did you know that you can use it like any other social media platforms for marketing your business?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+ may be where you can most effectively interact with your followers; facilitating real conversation and engaging them in the occasional promotion or competition.

YouTube is not exactly known for the quality of its comments section – even discussions about your gardening service are likely to end with rants or some conspiracy theory spam.

But, if used properly as a social media marketing tool, it can be the greatest vehicle to drive social media participation.

Think of Old Spice. It may not be everyone’s favorite scent, but its YouTube videos have given it a reputation for entertainment – leading to loads of followers on Old Spice’s other platforms and this was back in 2010 when it started.

[RANT ALERT] But it seemed that small businesses didn’t understand how powerful this tool was and rather prefer to follow the reframing of this tool as “viral video” by some so-called marketing gurus… The only thing going viral, spreading and propagating like a virus was some people’s ignorance…And so, from then on, we (marketers) started being asked for the creation of  “viral videos” to which my increasingly frustrating answers were:

One does not simply make a viral video

One does not simply make a viral video.

But rants apart, how do you get a piece of the huuuuuge YouTube marketing pie?

Here are some tips to use Youtube as a social media marketing tool and “hopefully achieve virality levels”

Go Big & Go Proper

YouTube can be a great place to detail the features of your product.

But while that may sway potential buyers into choosing your product over others, it’s not what’s going to get you fans.

Bring out all your creativity – or hire someone to do it if you have none – and come up with an ambitious campaign that will wow watchers and buy you love from those who’d never heard of you before.

Put money into it

You may see YouTube as a marketing opportunity for you to save on marketing budget.

But rather invest time and money into making your content eye-catching and impressive.

You’ll still be spending way less than on a TV ad, while it won’t look like an amateur, low-budget production. The quality will say something about your business – namely, that you’re the real deal.

The quality will say something about your business – namely, that you’re the real deal.

Your Product Specs aren’t always necessary

Youtube is  more than just another Social media marketing tool, it is another way to get info out to potential customers.

It’s a way to engage them, and win their loyalty to your brand.

Often this means that it’s not your product that matters – get the fans and your product will sell.

With many of the Old Spice campaigns, the product is worked into the concept rather than the other way round. It features, but it’s not what’s doing the entertaining.

Keep it short, Short is good

How many videos do you watch which are over 3 minutes? How many of those are adverts? Get the point?

Quantity Quantity Quantity

The more videos you put out there, the more likely you are to gain followers.

So instead of your campaign consisting of one or two videos, have a series of ten.

Remember this when scheduling your recording. Use the set, actors, products, etc. to record multiple ideas, even those you probably won’t use.

Make it fun, fun is…funny

No matter how impressive an advert is, it’s still an advert.

So, unless you’re doing a huge publicity stunt that will wow people – like sponsoring a jump from space (Red Bull) – make it fun. It doesn’t have to be funny. It can be exhilarating, intriguing, thrilling or just showcasing your own personality. But ensure that people will want to watch it.

These important tips will get you started using Youtube as a social media marketing tool.

Make sure to hear out your marketing team, and give them clear instructions of exactly what you want in this medium, communicate your idea properly and be good to your marketing team, if you are in this position, give them a treat today after reading this article.

When you are ready to start advertising on Youtube, check out this Beginner’s Guide for YouTube Paid Advertising.


Do you have any tips on how to go viral online?  Share your tips in the comments below!

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