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SEO Tips to Make Your Website Climb Google Ranks in 2016

SEO is tricky – If you are managing a website, a blog or a web page in Ireland this year (2016), than, like most people, you probably want a piece of the Top 10 spot in the search engine pages.

But because of the increasing number of new websites and web properties online (documents, books, music, images, news, etc…), appearing almost every minute of every day, this goal is becoming more and more difficult, technical and laborious.

Not surprisingly we see a lot of these website owners and even SEO specialists in Ireland falling for all sorts of short-cuts by applying unethical, short living, SEO methods and SEO services outsourced for cheap on some Asian country that suffer from unfair employment rules. (if you own a website in Ireland; you have received spamming emails offering this services and you know what I am talking about!)

However, making immediate changes when you got a cheap SEO tip might not be the best way to do it.

Not every SEO strategy that has worked for other websites in the past can guarantee the same result to yours too today.
If you want to get good results with your Search Engine Optimization efforts then learning the basic SEO techniques will help you.
Getting yourself familiarized with the basics will not only get you to the top 10 in the search engines but also get you a better web page rank, but above all, a better understanding when dealing with an SEO expert in Ireland.

And as i say:

quality of SEO services in ireland, falls short over quantity of self proclaimed SEO experts and SEO Gurus on offer.

The basic techniques and guidelines in doing good SEO in Ireland are natural and can optimize your website to stay in the top spot, and its achievable by any web smart business and website owner in Ireland.

Here are some SEO tips that will give you an idea how your SEO strategies should be like in 2016.

  1. Find your own niche. You must have heard about this a thousand times. As much as it is important for you to choose a certain niche where you will develop yourself as an authority on, doing your research on which niche to pick is also crucial.
  2. Your web design can help your SEO campaign too. If you are still planning to build a website, take time to plan how you create it according to the SEO guidelines. This is to make your website SEO-Friendly and will help you get a higher rank.
  3. Always research not only on things about your website but also learn about your competition. You may examine the websites who are also trying to rank high using the same keywords you are using. You will know whether to face your competition or give it up and just get another niche to focus your efforts in.
  4. Conducting an effective keyword will not only get you the ranks you want but also save you the time and efforts in executing your SEO strategies. Sometimes, it is not bad to give up a certain keyword when you see that your competitors are already solid with their efforts. The smart move is to find that right keyword for you to focus all your SEO efforts on.
  5. People and search engines have one thing in common when it comes to checking out websites; they love quality and disgusted with poorly written or created contents. Avoid the temptation of plagiarism just because you want to get more visitors to check out your website. Always make your website all about quality and relevant content. People will continue to visit your site often if they are already aware of the great contents you provide you readers with.

Of course you can still find a number of good tips on SEO strategies. But always have in mind that complicated tricks or cheap outsourced black-hat SEO techniques don’t guarantee effectiveness or the Top 10 ranks and will ultimately penalize your website.

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