Destiny 2: The Witch Queen – What to do before launch

Destiny 2’s latest expansion, The Witch Queen, is coming out soon, the Guardians have a lot to do before entering Savathûn’s Throne World.

with 2 in the pot latest expansion, charming queenslated for release on February 22, there are many things players can do to prepare for her arrival and journey into the realm of the throne of Savathûn. Many of the tips below can be applied equally to newer and more experienced Guardians, although it can be difficult for lower gear players to go through challenging activities efficiently, such as Grandmaster Nightfall.

It is not considered a requirement to prepare for the new expansion. Cultivating the items, coins, and weapons below will help the characters access the new content as best they can, but there’s no better time to head into games as a service than times like this. There’s also some excellent content hiding in the vault, so at least new players can try this out as a nice introduction to some of the game’s more interesting lore.

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Max Out The Bounty Storage

Quest and Bounty Inventory Destiny 2

As with any new season in Fate 2It is a good idea to complete as many rewards as possible beforehand, not to redeem them. Doing so will give Guardians a significant boost to their experience and bonuses from the Season Pass and Seasonal Artifact levels. Some bonuses are more useful than others, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on how much experience can be gained from redeeming them. Weekly rewards offer 12,000 XP per bounty, with the Daily’s winnings of Crucible, Gambit, Vanguard and Gunsmith dropping to 6000 XP. Iron Banner is also active after the last weekly reset, completing each Lord Saladin’s reward worth an additional 12,000 XP. Guardians can store up to 63 people, but be aware that this is shared with the usual quest storage, so it might be a good idea to complete some of these as well. There is also plenty of time to make the most of this between now and the expansion release. Finally, mods like “Guiding Light” for Ghosts also slightly increase the experience gained here.

Material is your friend

ADA-1 during the Lost Festival

Planetary materials are used in many basic transactions within Fate 2, including Masterworking, and purchase upgraded and exotic units from the kiosk. Having a good supply of these will help develop new weapons that are ready for higher level content, as well as allow for more direct advancement using the existing expansion arsenal. Also, with the newer changes focusing on gunplay over abilities, this should be at the top of the priority list for maximizing effectiveness in both PvE and PvP. Although the material can also be gained passively if you are seasoned, there are also some easy planting options here. They fall from regional chests associated with items and can be purchased from the Spider to get Legendary Shards or Glimmers, although it’s usually best to do this with the latter. Grinding lost sectors and leagues is also a reliable source of income here, while the Treasure Hunter Ghost model should help locate nearby chests and hold raw materials.

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Trade in Umbral Engrams for God Rolls and Farm Activities

Prismatic Recaster List Screen

As with the arrival of any new season, many weapons will disappear from the drop rotation, which should remain relevant in high-level activities and PvP for the foreseeable future. It’s a good idea to head to the Prismatic Recaster in HELM to trade in the Umbral Engrams and Parallax Trajectory for potential divine spins from Season 12-15. Although Prismatic Recaster will likely remain a staple in the upcoming expansion, it could change and become part of the upcoming crafting system. Available weapons may also disappear or be more difficult to obtain. Likewise, farming activities like Nightfall (especially GM) and Trials are an excellent route for some drops with great perks and stats.

Store Enhanced Cores and Legendary Shards

Distinctive improvement cores in stock

Legendary shards are the main form of currency for many of the game’s in-game transactions, while improvement cores are essential for weapon and armor upgrades, so it makes sense to group them here. Vanguard Tactical tokens can be traded for legendary rewards, which can then be broken apart to obtain shards. These also have a chance to drop mods and improve cores to upgrade the rolls of gods from the Umbral Recaster. These tokens disappear when the expansion goes down, so take advantage before that. The Tangled Shore arch is also something to consider. Up to five improvement cores can be obtained from the Spider in exchange for Legendary Shards, so now is the time to buy those before the area and the seller disappears.

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