How the most ferocious member of the X-Men became the darkest wizard in Marvel

One of the most technologically inclined members of the X-Men has also become the most powerful magician, and the reason is tragic.

Transformers in the Marvel Universe have always been strangers. Of course, some of them had the luxury of being able to pass on to ordinary mortals. However, other members of the mutant masses were not so lucky. In the case of Hank McCoy, aka Beast, blending has long been the least of his concerns. Instead, the Beast had to worry about how advanced his mutations would be, especially when one of his forms posed a serious threat to all of the X-Men.

When the original X-Men’s youth found themselves swinging decades forward through time, they found themselves in a world far further from their own than they could ever imagine. For a technically inclined monster, falling far behind times left him desperate to catch up any way he could. By studying the mysterious arts, Beast is able to find a way to bring himself and his friends home. Unfortunately, this will also prove to be the means by which he will fall prey to the empty promises of the Madeleine Pryor version that she left behind in the aftermath of 2015. Secret wars. After unleashing the Goblin Queen and her demonic hordes on Earth in 2017, X-Men: Blue #10 By Colin Boone And Giovanni Valletta, Beast has turned into the most terrifying version of himself yet. With its razor-sharp claws and huge horns, this mysterious beast was able to see that Madeline was only using it before expelling her with the same magic he used to summon her in the first place.

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Hank McCoy has struggled with his life as much as any transgender person, and it has pushed him to take some particularly extreme measures. It was his own work with the Brand Corporation that led to Hank’s initial transformation into the fierce and furry beast that became his most iconic appearance, but the changes didn’t end there. It was later revealed that Beast had taken on a more cat-like appearance in the pages of 2001 The new X-Men #11 Written by Grant Morrison and Frank Kwai. This led Hank to fear that not only was he mutating, he was moving on, and in a way he was right. It was because of another transformation that would have killed Hank otherwise, the time-displaced X-Men youth were summoned to the present in the first place.

Fortunately, the original five members of the team were already able to help the monster survive its last surge, this time into a horny shape that it greatly resembled after its first transformation. Despite the impossible weight that his countless transformations had burdened Hank over the years, none of them left him with an insurmountable kind of fear. At least, it is none other than his mysterious monster form. As it turns out, Hank is still really unwilling to confront this brutal part of himself. When he brought the rest of the team back to their ‘present’ to show them why they couldn’t go home in 2017 The all-new X-Men #19 By Dennis Hallum And Paco Diaz, Hank Completely Refused To Recognize What The Mysterious Beast Looks Like After The Fact.

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While there was definitely some shame in not wanting to talk to Jean Gray about his mysterious monster form, that shame was born out of the damage his magic had previously done. Although that might be bad, the beast of the present could at least rest easy knowing that his days of mysticism were over. And if he picks magic back up, fans know exactly what to expect from him.

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