JoJolion: 5 ways that end short (and 5 were perfect)

Until the ninth part of JoJo, the audience is left to consider JoJolion’s conclusion, both in terms of what he does right and how disappointing it is.

Hirohiko Araki JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Unpredictable with storytelling. the biggest Joe Joe The narrative has been going on for decades, as the story has been broken down into epic stories that look back at the different generations of the Joestar dynasty.

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the Eighth story GuglioneAnd I recently wrapped my decade-long manga series and fans are already eager to see what happens next. weird jojo adventures The ninth installment. Until the ninth part begins, the audience left to look Guglione‘s conclusion, both in terms of what he does right and how disappointing it is.

10 Fell Short: The motives of the villain do not exist

Manga Jojolion Tooru dances to the music

The success of a good story is often due to the effectiveness of the villain. Joe Joe Best Premiums tend to be earned Most advanced opponents, But Guglione The ball really drops in this section. Even though Tooru is convincing, it still feels like a mystery at the time Guglione Concludes. His stance, Wonder of U, is more disappointing than Tooru’s. in addition to, Guglione‘s The final chapter introduces a new enemy stand, Radio Gaga, who is a weaker threat.

9 It was perfect: it presents this universe by Joseph Joestar

JoJolion Joseph Joestar Kick . manga

Members JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure They were excited to learn in steel ball run that events stone ocean‘s The conclusion really launched a new timeline within the series. Guglione Continue the new steel ball run Chronology, but the protagonist seems to have nothing to do steel ball run‘s Johnny Joestar. Guglione‘s The last chapter marks the first time from Joseph Joestar of this timeline, who was revealed to be the grandson of Johnny Joestar and Rina Higashikata. This effectively fills in some details regarding the events that happen next steel ball run.

8 Fell Short: It makes new characters the focus of the final chapter

Manga JoJolion Final Chapter Joseph Lucy

Araki likes to play with the audience’s expectations, so it was surprising that Guglione‘s The final chapter largely contains flashbacks with entirely new characters.

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The story you play with Lucy Steele and Joseph Joestar is a must Guglione‘s A larger narrative, but its placement frustrates audiences. This story had more weight earlier Guglione And not in the end. Placing the story of Lucy and Joseph here also marginalizes Jousuke, Yasuho, and the Higashikata family as well.

7 It was perfect: it recycles

Manga JoJos Bizarre Adventure JoJolion Wonder Of You Josuke Spin

Guglione‘s The style and characters are very different from steel ball run That some weren’t sure if they were still part of the same timeline. steel ball run It presents some bold ideas that have not yet come back in others Joe Joe So it was very exciting when Josuke Higashikata was able to make use of “The Spin” to strengthen his stand’s attacks. The Spin has become a trademark of Johnny Joestar in steel ball running, And his return here strengthens the link between these worlds.

6 I felt short: there are dangling threads left unresolved

Manga JoJolion Extended Higashkita Family Photo

stories in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a long time It includes a lot of characters and intricate animations that are just a natural for some Items that get forgotten from time to time. This feeling is overwhelming JoJolion, Perhaps this is due to the fact that it is the longest story in the series after ten years of content behind it. Guglione It’s satisfying when it comes to ending Josuke’s story and giving him a new family, but details like Flash-forward are overlooked.

5 It was perfect: it’s surprising and it comes as a surprise

Manga JoJolion Chapter 110 The Higashikata Family

Guglione It is the longest epic JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure over a decade. endings in Joe Joe Highly predictable and it is clear when The story has reached its climax. pace and trajectory Guglione It was much more ambiguous, which left readers unsure the entire time. Announcement Guglione‘s The final chapter came as a shock to many based on the previous pace of the story, but it generated real excitement. GuglioneThe strikes end when the iron is hot rather than building to a grueling result.

4 Fell Short: The Death of Beloved Characters

Manga JoJolion Jobin Higashikata Stand

Death is inevitable in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure And some of its lovable characters make sacrifices for the greater good. Guglione It shows a unique relationship with death, thanks to the complex restorative properties of the Rokakaka fruit.

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Enter Jobin Higashikata Guglione As a threatened existence His death is unexpected And disappointing. Other losses, such as Rai Mamezuku and Kei Nijimura, also feel reckless and unnecessary. They’re definitely powerful moments, but they also come across as manipulative.

3 It was perfect: it offers a pregnant version of the purple hermit

JoJolion Joseph Joestar Hermit Purple Stand . manga

One of the most intriguing developments in evolution JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure It is her transformation from Hamon’s energy to Stands as a primary means of fighting in the series. Joseph Joestar is a unique character Meaning he entered during the Hamon years but eventually developed his own wing. Guglione‘s The final chapter depicts the purple hermit for his timeline more like traditional swatches. It’s a longtime fan-satisfying detail.

2 Felt short: the final battle is anti-climate

Manga Jojolion Head Doctor Wonder Of U Stand

Some final beats in Guglione Come across as lunge. There is a massive amount of reinforcements that go into Tooru, specifically with Wonder of U, but the actual combat looks quite chaotic unlike Other final battles in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Radio Gaga’s battle in the final chapter is less effective and the idea of ​​an unconscious barrier to a stand only raises more questions.

1 He was perfect: his story may continue in Part 9

The audience was not clear whether Guglione It will be the last chapter in Joe Joe, but I see you quickly announced the ninth part with a tentative title jogolands, Right Guglione cabbage. Sometimes new Joe Joe The story is moving from the previous rather than starting all over again. Guglione It ends with Holy still in a coma and Josuke realizes more Rokakaka fruit in the world. Josuke’s search for the rocacaca fruit or an extended look at Joseph Joestar from this timeline can be the focus of Part Nine.

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