Remaking Xenogears Style FF7R is more important than re-release

PS1 JRPG classic Xenogears has been a huge success thanks to its rich combo and exciting combat. Today, this makes it the perfect choice to remake it.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Over 3.5 million copies were sold in three days, proving that Square Enix can restore the magic of the original game and expand its wonders to fans old and new alike. Final Fantasy VII Remake It also showed that Square Enix has potential for a growing remake market, with many other games in its expanded library that could benefit from the overhaul. When it comes to remake candidates, it would be hard to find a game worthy of a complete overhaul Xenogears.

Xenogears It is a JRPG that was released in 1998 and centers around a young amnesiac named Fei Fong Wong. Fei lives in the peaceful village of Lahan, where, apart from some strange happenings, life seems to be going well. That changes when the small village is attacked by giant robots called “Gers” led by soldiers from the neighboring country of Gibbler. Fei rides on empty gear and fights to defend his home, but something in his mind explodes and he ends up destroying the village. Grieved and needing to keep his town safe, Fei, along with his friend Seitan, decide to leave and take the gear with them to find out why the mysterious machine exists and why it came into Fei’s possession.

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Xenogears She is praised for her deep story, filled with themes of existentialism, religion, psychology, and mythology, as well as for her multi-layered characters. The game became a great classic, and while it was revolutionary at the time due to its graphics and gameplay, a few key factors indicate why it deserves a remake. For starters, although the game looked excellent in 1998, it has aged very poorly. Part of this is due to the graphic limitations of the PlayStation, but many games have stood the test of time in terms of graphics. One of the other optic lice of Xenogears Is the misuse of the camera. While it doesn’t spoil the deals in the graphics department, it was an aggravating matter to move the camera around, as players have to fiddle with the camera unnecessarily to perform basic tasks.

Another point to consider for Xenogears Remake is the story. Story of the Xenogears It is larger than life, with plenty of twists and turns to keep the player invested. while story Xenogears Huge, it’s a little epic for its own good. Fans have mentioned that the game’s second disc feels “unfinished” and even rushes, and for a game that wants to tell such an extended story using only two discs, this is a detriment to the full potential of Xenogears.

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Hardware limitations in the first PlayStation are no longer an issue in the modern era of gaming. .’s full story Xenogears It can now be told in all its glory without feeling the limitations of the discs. Square Enix can take a cue from Final Fantasy VII Remake And releasing the game in parts so that fans can get a taste of the plot, allowing them to add new elements to make the world Xenogears come to life.

With the anticipation of remanufacturing and remanufacturing in the modern era, Xenogears Do not think of such a market. Xenogears It has a strong fan base, and the original game was a financial success. The possibilities to expand both the story and the game elements will be limitless. the original Xenogears It also had some stellar scenes (in regards to PlayStation), which if given to the right anime studio, would be a great scene to take advantage of current gaming technology.

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