The Security Council adopts a resolution to expel pirates – global issues

Latest report of the Secretary-General Report On the situation in the country, he states that joint efforts to combat piracy have led to a steady decrease in attacks and kidnappings since 2011.

but, Despite the “suppression” of piracy off the coast of Somalia, the constant threat of its resurgence remains.

As such – under seventh chapter of the charter, which provides for enforcement procedures – Security Council Resolution 2608 was adopted, which condemns, among other things, piracy and armed robbery at sea off the Somali coast, and asserts that it exacerbates instability by introducing “illegal cash that fuels crime, corruption and terrorism.”

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The ambassadors said that by her decision Investigations and prosecutions of all those who “plan, organize, finance or benefit from pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia must continue.”.

The Somali authorities were called upon to put in place mechanisms to safely return antiquities seized by pirates and to patrol coastal waters to prevent and suppress future armed robberies at sea.

At the same time, they were asked to bring to justice those who use Somali territory to “plan, facilitate or carry out criminal acts of piracy and armed robbery at sea”.

Member States have been requested – at the request of the Somali authorities and notification of the Secretary-General – to enhance the country’s maritime capacity and to cooperate appropriately in the prosecution of pirates suspected of taking hostages.

The resolution also encourages the Somali government to join the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crimeand developing a corresponding legal structure as part of its efforts to target the money laundering and financial support structures on which hacking networks live.

UN Photo / Iskandar Debebe

The UN Security Council unanimously adopts a resolution condemning and denouncing all acts of piracy and armed robbery at sea off the coast of Somalia.

Mandate to fight piracy

The Security Council renewed its call on countries and regional organizations to deploy warships, weapons and military aircraft to combat piracy, and stressed the importance of international coordination.

At the same time, the resolution authorized – for another three months – countries and regional organizations cooperating with the Somali authorities, to combat piracy and armed robbery at sea off Somalia, “in respect of which the Somali authorities have provided advance notification to the Secretary-General.”

calls to action

The Council, through its resolution, called on all states to “take appropriate measures … to prevent the illicit financing of piracy and the laundering of its proceeds …[and] to criminalize piracy under their local laws.”

Countries were also asked to cooperate in the investigation and prosecution of anyone responsible for acts of piracy and armed robbery off the coast of Somalia, including international criminal networks.

Resolution 2608 welcomed the continued work of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) Global Maritime Crime Program To ensure that those suspected of piracy are prosecuted, and those convicted are imprisoned in accordance with international legal standards.

Finally, the resolution recognized that (IMO) regarding privately contracted security personnel on board ships in high-risk areas and welcomed their continued role in the fight against piracy – particularly in coordination with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and the World Food Program (WFP)World Food Program), the shipping industry and all other interested parties.

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