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Web Sales Promotion specialises in building your Facebook community and engaging with them to drive traffic, leads and sales for your company.

3 million Irish users on Facebook

That’s why 78% of large Ireland´s businesses already have a social media presence. They're trying to find a way to reach and engage these potential customers.

They’re running Facebook advertising campaigns and doing everything they can to drive users to their websites. But for the most part, they're spending a lot of money only to get it wrong.

Facebook Marketing Ireland

Facebook Marketing Services

How to market your company effectively on Facebook

It’s not enough to have a Facebook presence and someone to respond to the questions and comments of your customers.

That's why we work with our clients to develop what's known as a 'blended' social media strategy. This is a mix of engaging branded content and industry-related updates that we share on your company Facebook page. We then 'blend' these updates with Facebook Ads and conversion strategies targeted at your best prospects.

And we've found, time and time again, that this strategy is the most cost-efficient and effective way to build your fan base, drive traffic to your website and increase conversions.

Creating a passionate fan base

At Web Sales Promotion we believe the quantity of your fans is less important than the quality. That's why instead of focusing on building you the largest number of fans we concentrate on building you a strong base of passionate fans.

This allows you to gain deeper insights into the most valuable members of your community and gives you a higher probability of converting them into customers.

We've found targeting prospects that are more likely to pay for your products or services allows you to maximise conversions, generate sales and a positive ROI.

Creating a passionate facebook fan base in Ireland

social media marketing Ireland

Gain unique insights into your prospects and customers

Web Sales Promotion can help you connect with prospects and customers and engage with them in conversations about your business, products and industry.

This allows you to gain insights that haven’t been possible in traditional marketing (such as radio, TV, and print) and it allows you the freedom to find out what’s working in your industry, what needs to be improved, and insights into the products your target market really want.

Why is Facebook the most important platform for business?

Facebook’s advertising platform allows you to target specific users based on demographics (age, location, gender etc) as well as psychographics (interests, hobbies, professions, what they talk about on their personal profiles, and even by the other Facebook Pages they ‘Like’).

This gives you the opportunity to build a community that's highly engaged with your company and with your products and services. This keeps your brand top of mind when these prospects go to purchase. It also establishes a deeper personal connection between you and your customer that you might not be able to build through traditional advertising mediums.

facebook marketing in Ireland

We love it when our trusting customers succeed and grow.

How you define success depends on your business. But one thing we guarantee: when you work with Web Sales Promotion your business will improve.

Some customers even take note on twitter.

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