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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a part of the internet marketing mix with the objective to increase position of a website in the organic search results.
Our SEO strategy is in a constant state of flow… so we can deliver the best results as quickly as possible.


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What is a ‘fluid’ SEO strategy?

Every market is different and requires a different set of search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics to rank at the top of Google and other search engines.

The old “keyword stuffing” approach to Search Engine Optimization ( in ireland is now dead.


At Web Sales Promotion we customize an SEO strategy for your business based on your keywords, your website and the strength of your competition in Ireland. And we constantly review it to ensure we’re building the most effective links for your industry. That’s what we mean by fluid.


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It starts with the SEO Audit

Before we customise your SEO strategy for your business, we perform a comprehensive audit of your website, your competitors and your backlinks.

The SEO Audit identifies the types of links we need to build to compete in your industry, as well as what content we need to add to your website to ensure it can rank as quickly as possible.


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Industry link acquisition

search engine optimisation Ireland SEOWhen the SEO Audit is complete we set out to start acquiring as many high-value industry links as possible.

We have a number of SEO tactics at our disposal however we focus our efforts on the tactics that work best in your particular industry, which is why we start with the SEO Audit.

We create a strategy roll-out plan that defines what activity we’ll be implementing for your SEO strategy in the coming months… always with the view that as we find new opportunities, we update your SEO strategy to take advantage of them.


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Website Optimisation

SEO company IrelandAs part of the SEO Audit, we identify areas of opportunity on your website where your competitors have an advantage over you. It might be that they have a blog they publish regularly. It might be that they have a different page for each keyword they’re targeting.

Whatever it is, we work with you to close up the gap.

We also get technical with your website, optimising your Title Tags, Meta Tags, Structured Data, broken links and internal linking structure.




We love it when our trusting customers succeed and grow.

How you define success depends on your business. But one thing we
guarantee: when you work with Web Sales Promotion your business will improve.


Some customers even take note on twitter.


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Global SEO or Local SEO in Ireland

local SEO Ireland SEOIf you service a local area in Ireland, we can help you rank in Google Places and local Irish directories so that when people search for your business in their local area your website appears.

And if you service a number of different counties in Ireland, we can develop a county based Local SEO strategy designed to rank your website in multiple suburbs so you can maximise your SEO traffic and conversions.

If you are expanding to other markets we’ll create an SEO strategy to generate success globally and drive returns; Whatever the country, language, or culture, we’ll help you engage your global audience.


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A strong focus on conversions

SEO IrelandThe biggest difference you’ll find between Web Sales Promotion and its competitors is our relentless approach to maximising the conversions you receive from your investment with us.

Because it’s not just about ranking highly on Google… it’s about the ROI you receive from those rankings.

That’s why we set-up Google Analytics with conversion tracking on your website. So we can measure and then help you improve the performance of your website, so you maximise the return from your SEO investment, this is results oriented search engine optimization (SEO).



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Monthly reporting

You’ll receive monthly reports on the performance of your SEO strategy and the activity we’ve implemented for you. You’ll also receive monthly reports on where each of your target keywords are ranking across all major search engines (even though we really only care about Google).




SEO in Ireland



Client Experience

Check out some of the companies we’ve helped succeed online…

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Some Customers SEO Rankings in Ireland

ireland SEO with results
Our Customers SEO Rankings extend to many countries and languages, several websites with top results, take this as a small sample of the most relevant SEO results in Ireland.

So what is this SEO thing everyone’s talking about?

Search Engine Optimization is the applied techniques of improving website rankings in search engine results. This involves modifying key elements of the website, its code and the website itself to improve its relevance. SEO also uses external resources to make a website visible and increase ROI, the higher the search placement on SERP, the greater the chances of improving sales. Most people use the Internet for their queries, and a great way to reach them involves the expertise of SEO company in Ireland.
With our team of SEO consultants in Ireland, you can tap into the huge number of queries and develop better online brand positioning.


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Why do I need Search Engine Optimization?

More businesses in Ireland and globally turn to the Web for better visibility.

Growing thousands of Irish end-users looking for products and services online.

This puts the competition at an even higher stake, which is why you’ll need every strategy to put your brand in the open.

This is where SEO can help. SEO makes sure your website is accessible to your target market.

It helps drive traffic to your website without spending too much on advertising overheads.

With Google taking 92% of all traffic in Ireland, you need SEO experts in Ireland that can implement the most effective strategy for your site.

And, this is what Web Sales Promotion Ltd does best. We’ll make sure you get to the top of Google and help develop your brand online!


How can SEO help your business?

SEO is a cost effective technique of improving your site to make it rank high across search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Once you get high rankings, you have better chances of promoting your business and producing a higher volume of traffic.

With SEO in Ireland, your site will generate more exposure to your target market.
People often rely on sites that are at the top of SERPs, which is why you can get a better conversion ratio if you get the help of an SEO service provider.


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How do users make queries on search engines?

Research show users have different preferences when making queries on Google and other search engines.
Some click on organic search results, while others tend to visit adverts or banner placement displayed on search results.


Can Quality bring a website to the spotlight?

Websites with high SEO rankings achieved their position through quality content, good traffic, and popularity.

These sites have most likely been around for a long time, and often have unique content that drives traffic.
This gives them a number of followers, which could also mean high ROI for their business. This is where our SEO company in Ireland can help.


What is the right way to implement SEO strategies?

Millions of theories from different perspectives show what works and what doesn’t when it comes to implementing search engine optimization.

The SEO service we provide at our SEO Company in Ireland may not have the golden or magic formula to SEO, but we do know how we can help your site get better rankings.


With reference to expert SEO specialists in Ireland, here are some important things to remember when it comes to web optimization:

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On-site Optimization

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  • Make sure you have unique, original, and relevant content.
  • Keyword Meta tag is irrelevant these days, but make sure you have proper Meta tags on your pages.
  • Be sure to have an XML Sitemap, as this tells search engines what pages are included in your website.
  • Include Robots.txt to indicate what search engines can look at and what they cannot access.
  • Make sure to have H1 tag for every page.
  • Include a semantic hierarchy to the page—highlight important content first.
  • Include quality images and videos to your website


When it comes to SEO methods in Ireland, quality falls short over quantity. If an SEO company offers strategies that are too good to be true, you need to consider your options again to avoid black hat techniques.

This is where our SEO service can help. We present a range of cost effective white hat ethical solutions that can help your brand stay ahead of the competition.


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Off-site Optimization

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  • Be sure to have one way (non-reciprocal) quality backlinks.
  • Link from genuine and authoritative websites to your content.
  • Create a social media account.
  • Create good reviews that include links to your website.
  • Add your site to business directory listings.
  • Create press releases for your website.
  • Do guest blogging on other related websites.
  • Ask other local business websites to exchange links.


Need search engine optimization ?

If like most companies, you too have come to the conclusion that you do not have the time nor the inclination to perform Search Engine Optimization, then we have a range of options to help with the improvement of your organic SEO rankings.


Our team is made up from professional Irish Search Engine Optimizers and Irish SEO executives. We also have multilingual technical SEO experts that can help you market to the 4 corners of the SEO world.


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If you’re ready to take your SEO to the next level then we’d love to chat.
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