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How HTTPS Affects SEO

How HTTPS Affects SEO

  Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTPS is similar to HTTP, but with an added layer of encryption. It allows a user to securely send and receive information over a network connection with no fear of being compromised by a third party or unapproved user. You can tell if a site is secure by just […]


The Algorithm Powerhouse: Google Hummingbird

Are you familiar with Google Hummingbird? Not all users of Google knows anything about Google Hummingbird. Although Search engine optimization companies are quite familiar with the word, not everyone has a comprehensive knowledge of how it works.   Let us try to dig down deeper and look at some details about Google Hummingbird.   On […]

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SEO Tips to Make Your Website Climb Google Ranks in 2016

SEO is tricky – If you are managing a website, a blog or a web page in Ireland this year (2016), than, like most people, you probably want a piece of the Top 10 spot in the search engine pages. But because of the increasing number of new websites and web properties online (documents, books, […]

Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Basic SEO Guide & SEO Tutorial for Beginners

This SEO guide is designed for those who are new to the world of search engine optimization in Ireland. It provides the necessary foundational information to start optimizing websites and web pages.

Search Engine Optimization Ireland

keyword research tutorial

The right keywords selection to focus your SEO efforts upon are at the base of any successful SEO campaign.
This first step (Keyword selection), can make or break your SEO campaign. All the other searh engine optimization steps done after this first stage are based upon the keywords that have been selected on your research: pick the wrong keywords and you risk the next 12 months of SEO return less than 20 visitors per week; pick the right keywords and your business will grow online.

Benefits of SEO

For many companies in Ireland SEO is an important part of their long term search engine marketing SEM strategy. But what exactly are the benefits of SEO? Our short guide will give you all the information you need on the advantages of SEO in Ireland.

Google SEO, Maximising Rankings and Organic SEO Results in Ireland

For How many keywords would you like your website to be on page 1 of Google in Ireland? Do you want your website to turn up on the first page of Google for just a couple of keywords or as many as you need? We ran a simple test; we selected the 30 plus most […]

SEO Ireland

SEO Ireland

SEO Ireland by Web Sales Promotion Formed by some of the most expert SEO specialists in Ireland, we’re reputably known for our SEO results in Ireland. Why our SEO services? Because we make it our mission to help your business to increase sales and enquiries, drive relevant traffic to your website, and get real results […]