The (10 + 2) * 5 method will help you get more done in one day

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Whether you’re trying to write a novel or send an email, it might be the case It’s hard to stick to a set work schedule. me for sure I struggle to hold myself accountable; I mean, I know the guy who set the terms here, and it’s very easy to undermine them. that’s why I am Any kind of productivity hack that will finally get me into a super workflow state is welcome. Enter: method (10 + 2) * 5.

do not worry –Despite its name, the (10 + 2) * 5 rule has nothing to do with PEMDAS. Created by Merlin Mann of 43Folders.comThis rule to “Beat Procrastination” offers a table to help you get there work And Take breaks. Although that sounds good, so I I tried it myself. hHere is the method (10 + 2) * 5 It worked for my productivity, and how you can make it work for you.

How it works

Method (10 + 2) * 5 It might sound confusing in the name, but it’s easy to do. All the Equation I mean, you must swears all An hour of your day into 10 minute bits of work, Plus a two-minute break, five times (12 x 5 = 60). The idea is that by motivating yourself with frequent breaks, you will overcome the first hurdle: Getting started in the first place. after that, The hope is that you will enter this groove of work upon you You eventually start skipping the two-minute breaks.

test it

I tried the schedule (10 + 2) * 5 outside in the morning, as I wrote my first Lifehacker Today’s article. This is what my schedule looks like:

9 AM – 9:10 AM Write

9:10 AM – 9:12 AM Break

9:12 AM – 9:22 AM Write

9:22 AM – 9:24 AM Message about

9:24 AM – 9:34 AM Write

9:34 AM – 9:36 AM in Daydream

9:36 AM – 9:46 AM Write

9:46 AM – 9:48 AM on Twitter

9:48 AM – 9:58 AM Write

9:58 a.m. – 10 a.m. Reflection, do a victory dance, Twitter

I used the phone timer and reset it manually before each work piece/break.


Whether out of scientific integrity or pure nerve, I found myself bound to the second schedule. I also discovered that two minutes of rest is being no thing. (Especially if I take my break to check Twitter; Two minutes is not nearly enough time to properly participate in today’s speech.)

On the other hand, 10 Straight focus minutes have proven to be an effective time period. It’s short enough that I didn’t feel overwhelmed, but it’s long enough that I could actually get some words on the screen. Depending on the task at hand, I can easily see myself skipping a two-minute break in order to ride the wave of work flow.

Here’s what I recommend to make this rule work better: Resist the temptation to rearrange or shrink the commas. If you skip 9:34 AM–9:36 a.m. Break, you can’t take it back Randomly at 9:41 AM Take the pressure off to actually get work done in the meantimeH 10Precision cut (or longer).

It all goes back to the first step

The biggest obstacle to productivity is to procrastinate on the first step. I’m a regular runner, and whether I run a 1 mile or 26I always have to make a deal with myself in order to get out the door. Run for only five minutes, after which you are allowed to turn. or Run one mile, then walk as much as you want.

The reason this bargaining system works for me is that once I move my body, it becomes a lot easier to keep it in motion. However, in order to get to this point, I have to know there’s a break coming (like these Take a two-minute break after every 10 minutes of hard stuff).

Motivate yourself with the prospect of getting regular breaks, and then once you start, you may find that you’re not desperate for them. If you’re having a hard time taking that first step to getting the work done, the (10 + 2) * 5 . method Worth a shot.

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